Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post 015 (So much for the afterglow)

Today was a terrible terrible mess :( ......got called into work early and stayed late, because at the last moment, the network went down and took everything with it, and on top of that, I was schedule to have a new phone delivered to me, and I even got the tracking number and everything and was watching it....till I had to go to work. Got home asked the lovely fiancee if there was a package for me....nope...hmm...checked the tracking number and it was delivered to the wrong address....and it was ACCEPTED by someone else...after calling UPS decided to try my luck and see if the address it was delivered to see if anyone was up and if I could get my package...nope, no adults home....so I sent a message to the cell carrier explaining the issue...and even worse my fiancee has a headache.....blah :(

Monday, March 8, 2010

Post 014 (bunny troubles)

So tonight we gave rico, our lion head rabbit, a bath, cause he really needed one, and during the process he twisted a toe nail real bad and it started to bleed :( ...did a bit of research and found out he should be fine....so here is to hoping.....also i failed on providing us a date night tonight :( this does sadden me quite a bit....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Post 013 (The final countdown!!!!!!!!)

Well todays starts my last days as a floor attendant, and not to say my time there was not in vain, I have had some great times and made some awesome friends, but now I will be moving into a office and start at a computer for the majority of my time. Tomorrow we test the new card system and pray to whatever dieties I need to that will make it work....