Saturday, February 27, 2010

Post 012 (God its me...please light them on fire)

OK fridays are hell at the casino...everyone is drunk or pissy, and expect me to know why they lost money, get them a beer, or some other random bullsh**! Then we have to deal with the town just north of us having the next three towns (including Duncan) having power turned off for a couple of hours....grrr...anywho after power came back on...I did my taxs and im only getting about 1200.00 back...thank god to for that keeping detail records of stuff to write off :p

Monday, February 22, 2010

Post 010 (Some wedding updates)

A date has been set (5-21-2011), colors choosen (Black, white, and pink) and the venue has been choosen (Vine and Fig Tree here in Duncan OK), now we have to hash out a cake, and other details!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post 009 (rain more!)

I never ever thought I would say this in my life time, but I am sick of rain and snow!!! In one winters I have expereince, London like rain, freak snow and ice storms, and coastal like fog! This is by far the most intense winter I have experience!

Al Gore you lied to me about global warming sir!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Post 008 (HOLY POOPS)

OK so here is the big reveal about of 03/07 I will be the analyist clerk of player tracking at CTC, fancy title eh...Its a big pay increase and a job that will make more use of my IT skill set!!! I am looking forward to this...but until then I am still a floor attentant...also my finace and I have possibly settled on a date for our spring or summer!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Post 007 (ugh monday )

Ok so today is my monday at work *sad max face* this is gonna be a long one....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post 006 (More rules to add)

Okay I think it is evident I need add a couple of rules to the general rules of casino patorinship:

1. If you have a question or need to speak to us....TAKE THE CIGERETTE OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!! I swear it makes it easier to understand whatever you are saying. Plus do you really need to chain smoke???

2. If you need our attention there are only TWO acceptable ways to do it. First is either get up from your machine and say something like "excuse me, but I am having an issue with the machine I am playing, could you please come by and look at it?" OR if we walk by, simply say, "excuse me, but im having an issue with my machine." either one of thouse is a acceptable way to get my attention and I am more then happy to help you. Here is what will not go over so well: pointing and snapping, yelling, walking by and saying "hey go fix my machine".

3. DO NOT ARGUE WITH US! We know it can be frustrating when you dont understand how the machine pays, or that you can read that the bonus starts on the LEFT most reel and they must be on consecutive reels, or that you accidently hit max bet on 5 dollars per line, per spin. We are right and we can back it up.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Post 005 (

Simply put....I dont want to work tonight...but after a few hours of being there it will fade and I will be fine...still blag

Friday, February 12, 2010

Post 004 (Ps3 arrvial)

It is here today! the arrvial of a new PS3, and it looks amazing...opening the box and carefully removing the bundle from its confined packaging to reveal its super sexy self...2 mintues later it is booting on our the anticition (though I think I may get a HDMI cable for it) and now I must get to know it :)

Post 003 (simple rules for simple people)

Ok so here are a few simple rules for gambling in a casino:

1. WE ARE NOT TRYING TO RIP YOU OFF!!! Serisously we are not trying to. Also I do not know what games hit nor can I "turn them on" or whatever people think.

2. Be paitent when you call for help. When you need a machine fix or an HP be paitent...we are doing all we can to get you your money or machine working...patience with the help pay off in the end.

3. It is not our fault you lose two grand. We didnt force you to put your money in the with it.

and finally

4. remeber it is suppose to be fun! dont act like a ass!

BTW...New Super Mario Bros. Wii is awesome...hopfully tomorrow my finace and myself shall be the owners of a new PS3 and we have Dante inferno and Bioshock 2 in the wake!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Post 002 (Gars and Rars)

Well today makes accident three for my poor misguided car! This is insane and kinda sad...oh well...needs to get ready for work (have big news about there too...but cant say till it is finalized)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Post Day 001 (yet another attempt)

After careful consideration I have decided to give this damnable blogging thing one last try, lets see what happens. I would imagine a good first post would be informative about the author, or "blogger", but I would guess only people I know will end up reading this and they should hopefully know me well enough by this point. Anyways if you do receive an email from me with the link...please read....ill give you cookies...and unadultrated love...cookies?