Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post 006 (More rules to add)

Okay I think it is evident I need add a couple of rules to the general rules of casino patorinship:

1. If you have a question or need to speak to us....TAKE THE CIGERETTE OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!!!! I swear it makes it easier to understand whatever you are saying. Plus do you really need to chain smoke???

2. If you need our attention there are only TWO acceptable ways to do it. First is either get up from your machine and say something like "excuse me, but I am having an issue with the machine I am playing, could you please come by and look at it?" OR if we walk by, simply say, "excuse me, but im having an issue with my machine." either one of thouse is a acceptable way to get my attention and I am more then happy to help you. Here is what will not go over so well: pointing and snapping, yelling, walking by and saying "hey go fix my machine".

3. DO NOT ARGUE WITH US! We know it can be frustrating when you dont understand how the machine pays, or that you can read that the bonus starts on the LEFT most reel and they must be on consecutive reels, or that you accidently hit max bet on 5 dollars per line, per spin. We are right and we can back it up.

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